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Sebile Pivot Frog

The hollow topwater frog market rarely sees any new model with a great deal of innovation; most simply re-invent the wheel, but that’s not the case with the Sevile Pivot Frog. From the mind of legendary lure designer Patrick Sebile, the Pivot Frog seeks to solve the primary complaint with the highly effective and addictive frog lures – low hook up percentage. Unlike most topwater frogs that incorporate a fixed hook design, the Pivot Frog employs a new configuration dubbed the Gravity Hook System which enables the razor-sharp weighted hook to move freely side to side. Fewer snags and higher hook up ratio can be expected from this new hook design – both very positive features that will improve your frog fishing.

The innovative hook system isn’t the only appealing aspect of the Sebile Pivot Frog. What’s more, the frog displays a seductive side to side walking action or can be fished with the “scooting” style many anglers use when fishing grass fields or lily pads. Highly detailed colors and anatomically correct features establish Sebile’s new Pivot Frog among the best on the market today.

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